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Workplace Mindfulness That Really Works

Bespoke courses, taught live online 
– to help your people feel better,
work better and get along better 

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20 minutes of meditation
is just 2% of your day, but…

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Regular meditation can transform your wellbeing

Less stress, anxiety,
worry and depression

Be more creative
and take better decisions

Nurture yourself and
the people you love

How we're different

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We don't just give you a pre-recorded app, or a series of drop-in sessions

Our courses offer structured teaching, over at least 6 sessions, live via Zoom

During the course, participants also meditate for 20 minutes each day using exclusive audio recordings

This is immersive skills training with real results – definitely not a candlelit bath

About Neil Midgley

Neil is our founder and lead teacher.

He trained to teach mindfulness at Oxford University's Mindfulness Centre, where he now teaches public courses and advises on communications strategy.

Neil used to be a corporate lawyer, for firms including Linklaters and Debevoise & Plimpton.

He then spent 20 years as a journalist, mainly reporting on the media industry for The Daily Telegraph.

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